5 Annoying Yet Cute Things That Cats Do!

Cats are very much sensitive, and they have a lot of feminine attributions, and probably that is why they are recognised as feline creatures. Cats are very much different from the other pet animals that you grow. They are quite similar to the family of wolves, and they can never be tamed. That is why the things that they do can sometimes be terrible. So here are the top 5 cute yet annoying things that cats do to us.

They can wake you up anytime:

It is not an unknown fact that cats love to cuddle along with us. Probably that is why we love cats, but that can be worse when they are hungry during the small hours of the day. They can trouble you to get them out and feed them regardless of the time, and that can be quite annoying. But we still do it but they are cute, and we love them a lot.

That is why we call ‘cat fight’:

You must have heard of the idiom cat fight. That comes up because of the nasty behaviour that these little creatures can put up. They can fight so badly that they can bring your life to an end, especially when you have many other pets. There shall never be a moment of peace at home, and you are not going to like it.

They share your plate:

They are quite sharing, and that is not going to be cute at least when you are going to eat bacon. Cats love beacons, and cat lovers need no introduction for love for food that they have. It is better that you share your bacon with your cats, or they are going to steal it from you. Remember as stealthy as a cat? You better be careful.

They can never have enough of food:

Yes, cats look sleek and cute, but that is not how they eat. You keep feeding them as much as you want and they with still pose a growling tummy. They also demand food from neighbours, and that is going to make you cringe out of embarrassment. This is not something that you will expect after hours of feeding your cat, but they are capable of doing that.

You shall have to bury rats:

Now this not going to be cute. When it comes to bacon or rat, cats always go with rats, and that is why you shall have to bury them as they are naughty enough to leave dead rats on your bed and couch or anywhere else as they please. So you will have to be vigilant and keep checking for rats and mice round the clock.